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Exploring the role of gratitude in bringing about flourishing relationships, a respectful workplace culture, and ultimately a more peaceful world.


“Gratitude is a way of being which honours and protects our relationships and cultivates a sense of interconnectedness.”

Welcome to my website. I invite you to join me in my quest to bring deep, authentic, sustainable gratitude into our lives and workplaces. In my past 25 years of researching, teaching, and practising gratitude I have discovered that – no matter what the context or culture – gratitude has a unique power to help us acknowledge the worth and value of others, and they then often become more able to see more of these qualities in themselves. I have also discovered how the lack of gratitude destroys relationships, workplace morale, and a sense of belonging.

I am passionate about translating the research on gratitude into strategies that can help us to access it where it is difficult. I hope I can offer you the opportunity to think deeply about the relevance of gratitude and that you find gratitude practices that assist you in your personal and professional life.

Gratitude in Practice Course

Led by Dr Kerry Howells, offered through Tallinn University, Estonia

Untangling you: How can I be grateful when I feel so resentful?

This book explores the interplay between gratitude and resentment to help us untangle difficult relationships and to live a more fulfilling and creative life.

‘Howells deftly empowers readers not just with the skills to reframe difficult feelings of inferiority, of being unappreciated, being excluded or treated unfairly, but also with the skills of inviting gratitude, healing and growth back into their lives so that they can live a truly joyful and optimal life.’

Margaret Visser
Author of The Gift of Thanks: The Roots and Rituals of Gratitude and The Rituals of Dinner.

Gratitude Practices for Teachers

In this empowering book, teachers are guided through a series of accessible gratitude practices that they can enact immediately. The effectiveness of these practices is explored through the stories of teachers from around the world and embedded in the complex realities and competing demands of their job.

“It’s the book that keeps on giving; the book that keeps inspiring; the book that must be shared. It needs to be required reading for psychology or education, Masters and doctoral students.”

Jeffrey Froh
Professor of Psychology, Hofstra University, USA

Gratitude in Education: A Radical View

At a time when many of us are looking for new paradigms that can lead to an increase in our care of the environment and each other, this book offers a perspective that places education at the heart of positive change in areas of global significance. The first full text to explore the role of gratitude in teaching and learning, this book has guided the thinking and practice of leaders, educators, and professionals in other fields, because it speaks to the everyday concerns in ways that are practical and to the heart.

“Howells writes with educators in mind, but Gratitude in Education is accessible to anyone interested in developing a way of seeing and being that humbly, authentically, and actively gives thanks for gifts received.”

Professor Susan E Carlson
Educational Leadership and Teacher Education, Multnomah University, Portand, Oregon.

“Kerry’s work on gratitude was instrumental in our learning and work to develop our school culture… Her work is deep and yet accessible and it had a profound impact on our journey. By weaving gratitude into our systemic changes we were able to move from an exchange culture to one with a genuine appreciation for each other…”

Dr Sarah Howling
Secondary Principal, Kuala Lumpur

Overcoming resentment with gratitude

We all have resentments in our lives, big or small. How can we move past the feeling and even repair relationships that get bogged down in resentment?

Listen to Kerry being interviewed on a range of different aspects of this topic, including for the Radio National Program, All in the Mind

Working with Kerry

Keynotes & Courses

Learn how Kerry can offer life-changing presentations and courses which can be tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Book Clubs

Discover how this powerful process of professional and personal development can assist you by going deeper into Kerry’s books.


Kerry offers a unique form of gratitude coaching based on strategies she has developed over her 25 years of researching, teaching & practicing gratitude.

“If we were to meet gratitude face to face she would say ‘take action that serves others’, ‘give back’, ‘say sorry’, ‘let go’, ‘clear the air’ and connect.”

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