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From powerful team coaching sessions to captivating, life-changing keynotes for up to 500 guests or workshops of up to 30, Kerry’s work is research-based, deep and informative.


Finding gratitude in difficult relationships

Every relationship matters and deep gratitude can help make them work better than we could ever imagine.

Addressing one of the most challenging issues in any workplace, this session engages participants in research-based strategies and shows how gratitude helps relationships to flourish and how it can work to heal difficult relationships.


Enhancing teaching and learning through gratitude: Why? What? How? What if?

Gratitude feeds the education system as water feeds a wilting plant. Kerry shares her 25 years of research on the role of gratitude in education to demonstrate how a healthy dynamic of giving and receiving can be restored in the teaching and learning process.


Leading with gratitude: Creating a thriving workplace culture

Workplaces thrive in environments where gratitude is expressed authentically and meaningfully. This is particularly the case when leaders lead from within with their own gratitude practice.


Moving from resentment towards gratitude

A powerful, personal 5-week course led by Dr Kerry Howells.

“To reach into the true nature of gratitude, we need to engage with it through action, and discover an embodied understanding through our lived experience, our connectedness to the other” – Kerry Howells

All course topics can be tailor-made to suit the context and new topics can be explored on request.

“We have been running Mindful Leaders sessions on a quarterly basis for two years now - with a pretty insightful; mindful and compassionate bunch. Kerry, your session today raised the bar. As well as mastery and eloquence on the subject matter, what stood out was your open heartedness and authenticity - made all the more amazing given it was via video connection. And focus on practical application….You can be assured you changed some leaders for the better today - and through that, advanced the mission for a kinder, more awakened world.”

John Wurker

Leader of The Potential Project, Canberra, ACT

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