Gratitude Coaching
with Kerry

“I call Kerry my ‘gratitude guru’. She has helped me to make sense of who I am and what I will become. Her insights and encouragement have shaped my growth as a thinker, educator and person.”
Megan Ryan - Primary School Teacher, Canberra

Why gratitude coaching?

Coaching encourages you to explore your own goals and challenges and elucidate your own answers. Kerry’s gift in coaching is to get to the heart of the matter and help you to quickly identify what may be hidden from immediate view. You will experience the transformative power of this effective method and achieve far more than you could by working on your own. Having a coach can take the stress out of trying to think through challenges alone and help you to feel supported in finding answers that lie within you.

Drawing on 25 years of research on the role of gratitude in enhancing relationships and leadership, Kerry brings a unique perspective to her role as a coach: gratitude coaching. You will be supported to incorporate gratitude principles and practices in your identified goals and challenges. You will also be invited to explore areas of resentment that may be inhibiting your best self.

Who is gratitude coaching for?

It’s for anyone who wants to dive deeply into the meaning of gratitude and its relevance for your personal and professional life. This includes leaders, educators, and professionals in other fields.

Leaders who take up gratitude coaching can gain a powerful foundation on which they can build the desired tone of their organisation. Through greater alignment to their values and integrity they can build a community that is focused on gratitude.

All clients are invited to explore the crucial role gratitude can play in addressing their goals and challenges and how it will assist them to become more effective in their roles.

"When we recognise another through genuine and deep gratitude – without wanting anything in return – we are touching a part of the connection that cannot be touched in any other way.”

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