Moving from resentment towards gratitude

Public course

A powerful, personal 5-week course led by Dr Kerry Howells

Tired of trying to resolve a difficult relationship but getting nowhere? Feeling burnt out and exhausted by it? Lacking motivation to do anything about it because they are the ones who should be doing the work? Want to feel more empowered to deal with conflict and bring more joy and gratitude into your life?

Join me!

Next course date

March, 2022

Week 1: Recognise

  • Explore why gratitude is important
  • Understand the interplay of gratitude and resentment
  • Discover the impact of resentment on your life

Week 2: Release

  • Know the underlying causes of resentment
  • Move through broken expectations creatively and proactively
  • Experience how gratitude can loosen the toxic hold of resentment

Week 3: Relate

  • Identify relationships that require healing
  • Address resentment you experience from others
  • Take up gratitude practices that work

Week 4: Reconcile

  • Confront your fears about addressing your grievances
  • Communicate confidently about your resentment
  • Understand cross-cultural elements of communicating with gratitude

Week 5: Reimagine

  • Visualise your future self, less constrained by resentment
  • Gain self-mastery and strategies moving forward
  • Give support to your community

“It is in the complexity of gratitude where its potential for enriching our lives is found”

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